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Writing effective communications is an art, as well as a science. The process of producing persuasive advertising and marketing texts is a highly creative one, taking time, effort and expertise. The subtleties, nuances and idiomatic language used to create a beautifully written piece of advertising or marketing content can nearly always be lost in translation. It can also be very difficult to create persuasive and well-written content if English is not your first language.

If you a creating or translating content for an English speaking audience, it is essential that your text is translated and/or edited by a native English speaker who truly understands both the language, target audience and intended message of your communications.

We offer English editing and translation to English services for multiple types of content, including:

  • Website content
  • Blogs, social and digital media postings
  • Digital marketing campaigns (Adwords/banners etc.)
  • Press releases
  • Product descriptions
  • Brochures, leaflets, flyers
  • Market research documents and questionnaires
  • Marketing reports

Translation and transcreation services

We can provide translation services across a group of eight East Asian languages to native standard English localised to your particular needs.

These are the languages that we cover:
  • Japanese to English
  • Korean to English
  • Chinese (Simplified) to English
  • Chinese (Traditional) to English
  • Vietnamese to English
  • Malay to English
  • Thai to English
  • Bahasa Indonesia to English
Marketing editing and proofreading

Of course, the translation of marketing content is a highly specialised operation. It isn’t simply the case of translating each word from one language to another.

English Monitor’s professional marketing translators have a deep understanding of the meaning, tone and style to be conveyed in the message. It is this ability to ‘transcreate’ the text in English that will help to ensure your brand, image and messages are communicated effectively to your target audience.

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Proofreading and editing services

Many of our clients are marketing professionals who speak English as a second language. Often, they create content in English and we then use one of our native English editors to proofread, edit and rewrite their content so that it is truly excellent.

If your documentation is already in English and you consider that it would benefit from professional editing and proofreading to bring it up to native English standard suitable for publication then contact us. You can read more here about our services for proofreading and editing content for Marketing, PR and advertising.

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