Resume Editing and Proofreading


If you apply for a job at an English-speaking company with a CV written in sub-standard English – in most cases this will impact your ability to get the job. Prospective employers are never impressed by individuals who fail to present a professional CV, or show one that is littered with errors and poor English. Having your CV professionally translated and edited by a native English speaker should always be a key stage in your pre-interview preparation.

Preparing your CV or resume

You have just seen your dream job advertised and are in a dilemma as to what to do? That old CV or resume of yours is now way out of date, old in style and languishing on your hard drive as a distant memory. So, how best to proceed? Your colleagues and family say ‘have a go, nothing to lose’ and you don’t want to let them down. But you know that you could be in the interview hot seat in a week or two and the key first step is to get that CV/resume polished and updated to stand any chance of getting that face-to-face meeting. You cast around for advice but realise that you have to prepare the CV in English and, as a second language English speaker, your written English is far from perfect! So, do you engage a professional CV writer or have a go yourself and then get the English proofread and edited by a native English speaking editor?

There are pros and cons for both options. For the first option, you will need to provide lots of information to the CV writer in terms of experience, qualifications and aspirations – this will take time and probably several iterations before you are satisfied; however, you may think that the result lacks the personality that you intended and the result appears rather sterile.  The second option allows you to retain more control of the process ensuring your own focus and emphasis on those factors that you consider being most salient to the application. Further, you can take the necessary care that those topics and experiences you raise in the CV are well-founded because certainly you will be expected to follow down on their detail during an interview. Your direct personal involvement in the writing process means your CV sounds more authentic than third-party produced material.

If you decide to choose the second option then English Monitor can assist you.

At English Monitor, we have unique experience not only in editing and proofreading CVs and resumes but also our directors have direct, professional work experience in the recruitment sector. If English is not your mother tongue then you will need our professional editing and proofreading skills to ensure your CV or resume is not filtered out as ‘unsuitable’ at the first hurdle. At English Monitor, our combined experiences mean we can bridge the gap between the professional CV writer and editor/ proofreader in a single pass. This unique combination of skills means that you will always gain a competitively priced result that hits the mark by increasing the objectivity of your application, removing redundant, repetitive information to give your CV maximum impact.

Make sure your CV hits the top of the pile by entrusting English Monitor to do your editing! Additionally, if your CV or resume requires a detailed personal statement we can also assist.

What can I expect when English Monitor edits my CV/resume

  • At English Monitor we do not write your CV/resume from scratch – you will have to supply your original text. We can accept your text in one of 8 Asian languages or in English. If the text is not in the English language we can translate it for you. If the text is in English as your second language, and you know it is essential to improve the quality of your English, we will do this. We have standard prices for translation work on our website, see but our editing prices relate to the amount of work we have to do from simple, single-pass editing through to a full re-write. We will inform you by email in confirmation of our costs before starting work.
  • Please remember that we can only work with the experiences, aspirations and qualification details that you supply. We have to be honest in the way we present your career information but you can rest assured that we will put the best professional ‘gloss’ on all the information you supply in terms of format, contemporary style and content to ensure that you take the maximum advantage of your experiences and skillsets. We always endeavour to produce a CV/resume that catches the eye of the recruiter so that yours is moved to the ‘select for interview pile’ and not the ‘also ran’.
  • You will be using our graduate qualified team of experienced editors – all are native English speakers with experience in the re-drafting and editing of CVs/resumes.
  • You will receive an MS WORD tracked changes version so that you can clearly see what changes we have made. This will focus on improving your grammar, correcting any spelling, punctuation and typographical errors.
  • We will provide embedded comments in your CV/resume for points of clarification where meanings may be unclear or where we have made changes to improve both flow and understanding.
  • For second language students writing in English, we will revise sentence structures to use constructs that a native English speaker would use intuitively to improve language use and fluency.
  • We will consider structure, content, layout and general presentation to ensure the removal of repetition and hence ensure that your submission presents a logical presentation and sequence of arguments so that your CV differentiates you from competing candidates and maximises your chances in securing a face to face interview.
  • In considering content we will review the time sequencing of your experiences to ensure that any time gaps are filled or explained by reference back to you if required.