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Academic editing

Academic English editing services are a necessity for ESL (English Second Language) students and academics. This is because currently, it is an indisputable fact that the largest volume of the findings of research in the technical and scientific world is published in the English language. The requirements of leading open literature publications are prescriptive in both the quality of the research work being carried out, editorial standards, quality of the English and presentation. As an ESL student, researcher or academic, without professional academic editing, you may find it difficult to get your technical documents through the peer review stage. Therefore, making efforts to have your work reviewed and edited by a native English speaking specialist in your technical area is of the utmost importance.

You can read more detail about our editing and proofreading service and processes here.

Our world-class academic editing services

Our academic English editorial team is truly world-class and is comprised of leading academic scholars and specialist editors from across the academic world. Each individual has been carefully selected, vetted and tested. They come from a broad range of specialisms across a diverse field of academic disciplines and technical backgrounds.

Academic editing

All are native English speakers, and all have been educated at leading Western universities. Our stringent recruitment policy means that we only employ the most highly qualified and experienced editors. Our editors are PhD or master’s degree qualified and many have published their own research in high-impact journals.

  • Professional academic editors (No students) PhD and masters only
  • Extensive editing experience (qualified peer reviewers and published authors in international journals)
  • Native English speakers

Academic editing

Your document will be checked for:

Academic editing


Academic editing

Typographical Errors

Academic editing

Logical Transitions

Academic editing

Sentence Structure

Academic editing


Academic editing


Academic editing

Overall Structure and Layout

Academic editing

Style, Tone & Flow

Academic editing


Academic editing

Word Choice

Academic editing


Academic editing

Overall Suitability & Fitness for Purpose

We have worked with students from many of Asia’s top universities

Academic editing
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Academic and scientific translation services

All translations require a level of subject expertise, however, academic translations are in a league of their own. In order to achieve a high-quality translation, it is essential that your translator has true expertise in your field.

English Monitor has access to a vast global network of specialist academic translators – each with a specific background and expertise in a vast array of academic and scientific disciplines.

Academic texts are unlike other documents in that they can span a hugely versatile number of topics and disciplines. From technical to theoretical, from the hard sciences to the liberal arts – English Monitor has your specific area of expertise covered.

Let’s face it, in academia, every topic is highly specific! For example, let’s say you have an academic paper in the topic area of “Algorithmic Game Theory and Computational Mechanism Design” you can’t just go to a translation company and expect them to have an in-house translator that specializes in your highly specific field of expertise to a level whereby they’d be able to effectively translate your text. In such circumstances, the role of the translation company is to use their network and expertise to locate an expert that has the necessary background to conduct the work. This is exactly what we offer at English Monitor.

We have expertise in the following language pairs:

We ensure that your English translator is educated in your field of study and that they, therefore, have sound and up to date knowledge of your academic area. Many have PhD or Master’s degree qualifications from top British and international universities.

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Academic editing

At English Monitor, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a professional, timely and cost-effective service. We use university graduate, Western-educated, mother-tongue English editors with higher degrees. English Monitor’s responsiveness and quality can be assured.

    5 star review  I'm very satisfied with the English Monitor's editorial work. I received my edited document after 2 days and the editing was exactly what I hoped it would be. 100% recommend.

    thumb Katharina Lührmann

    5 star review  I have been working with English Monitor for about a year now. They have always delivered great quality and are quite fast, too. I recommend them for anyone in need of professional proofreading and editing.

    thumb Kevin Bloch

    5 star review  I recently had the pleasure of working with English Monitor for the revision of a book, and I was very satisfied with the results. English Monitor provided a swift and highly professional service, and they were very willing to adapt to our necessities. Would recommend!

    thumb Heitor Sousa Borges

    5 star review  We use English Monitor to make sure our branding and marketing content are written in correct English - it’s important for our brand to look good and be correct. They are easy to work with, professional, fast and offer a good price. We will use again for sure!

    thumb Turbo Shaverma

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