With prices starting from less than $0.03c per word, English Monitor offers some of the lowest prices in the industry.

How our proofreading and editing services pricing works:

When you choose our editing service without prior translation, we will quickly assess your level of English and then get back to you ASAP with a highly competitive custom quote.

Pricing for English translation and copy editing

*Hourly rates can be agreed for ongoing editorial project work with corporate clients

Professional English Translation pricing

We calculate our translation prices based on the source language and level of specialism required.

Our specialist focus on English means that we provide the most accurate English translation services in the market.

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DTP Pricing

Using English Monitor’s Desktop publishing (DTP) service enables you to receive your document back in the exact same format as your original submission – only this time with perfect English content. It’s a great service if you have a brochure, catalogue, leaflet, technical manual or user guide and need to send it straight to the printer’s. Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to provide a ‘price per page’ for DTP services. The price will be dependent on the number of pages, the complexity of the layout, software required and estimated level of difficulty to reproduce the document to the original standard. For jobs that require an element of DTP you can upload your original document here or email it to support@englishmonitor.com Our DTP team will assess your document and provide you with a highly competitive fixed quote ASAP.

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