Question: Are my files and company documents safe?

Yes, your files are safe with us! English Monitor takes document security extremely seriously. Our upload portal utilises highly advanced SSL military level encryption (the same as your online banking). Our translators, editors and desktop publishers have signed NDAs and confidentiality agreements and are highly trained in secure working practices. 

Question: Why should I use a specialist for my translation?

For a correct specialist translation, it is essential that the technical content is understood and that the translator has strong knowledge of the subject area.

Knowledge of the language alone is not always sufficient for an effective translation of specific technical, scientific or academic texts. Each industry, market sector or academic discipline has its own set of specific terminology, jargon and expressions.

Specialist translators provide a level of expertise that will prove essential for the accurate translation of your content.

Question: Why is professional editing and proofreading important?

Professional editing and proofreading is an essential stage that any important document or text needs to pass through. If the text is to be viewed by a client, customer, stakeholder or assessor it must be correct!

Poor English damages your professional image and/or academic credibility. Do not make the mistake of spending time, money or expertise producing written content only to destroy your chances of winning business, showing a professional and high-quality image or getting the grade you deserve simply because of poor English! 

Ask yourself this ‘does my document/text need to be presentable?’ if the answer is ‘yes’ then the text needs to go through a professional editing and proofreading phase.


ESL speakers: If English is your second language, English Monitor will transform your written English to a level of quality and sophistication only achievable by a professional native English editor.

Post translation editing. Having a native English speaker edit and proofread your text after the translation phase is essential to ensure that the text reads to a native standard of proficiency.

English Monitor’s native English editors and proofreaders are English language writing specialists with expertise in your subject area.

Question: How quickly can you complete my job?

Pretty fast! Our translators can work at an approximate speed of around 200 words per hour, or 2000 words per day. Our editors work at a speed of around 500 words per hour or 5000 words per day. English Monitor’s DTP team can get your document back into perfect shape very quickly – so long as all source materials and image files are made readily accessible by the customer.

If a customer uploads a document or text that, upon initial assessment we know that we cannot complete within the desired timescale, we will immediately inform the customer and are happy to provide a full refund. 

Question: Why choose a specialist editor?

A professional Native English Editor with true expertise in your subject matter/industry area will ensure that your text is written to a native level of proficiency. This includes not only the basics of spelling, punctuation and correct English grammar, but also the correct usage of words and terminology that is specific to your subject or industry area. The professional editor will also take care of syntax, flow, style and tone. The use of a native English editor is essential to ensure that your text is rewritten to a professional standard. You cannot expect to be taken seriously as an academic or business organisation without ensuring that your English is of professional quality!

‘Edited by a native professional human editor – not a machine!’

Question: How do English Monitor track changes?

In most cases, we can extract your text and edit within Microsoft Word and you will be able to see the changes. If you require your text to be edited within PPTs, PDFs, XLSs or other applications, tracked changes is not available. 

Question: What if I am not happy with my document/text?

If you are not totally satisfied with your edited document we will edit the text until you are 100% satisfied. This is only applicable to jobs that go through our editing service. If a customer chooses the ‘translation only’ service, without post translation editing and proofreading, this extra guarantee does not apply.