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Editing & proofreading travel, tourism and hospitality documents and content in English

At English Monitor, we specialise in editing and proofreading tourism-related copy into native English. In an increasingly competitive market for tourism-related services, it is essential that travel companies present their advertising material to the highest standards in order to be taken seriously by their customer base.

Badly and inaccurately produced copy gives a poor reflection on the quality standards of the organisation, and in this demanding sector, it can only result in diminishing sales. Whether your material is digital or conventional printed material, English Monitor can help you to produce your advertising content to professional standards to impress your existing customers and attract new ones.

If you are trying to attract English speaking clientele then it is most important that you pitch your messages in a subtle and nuanced language style that will appeal to an English ear and differentiate you from the competition. In this fast-moving market, the services of a native English editor are essential.

The process for editing & proofreading travel, tourism & hospitality documents

English editors

Firstly, our process is to read your travel, marketing and advertising copy thoroughly to gain an overview of its structure and total content to ensure it meets the declared intentions of your organisation, brand image and is fit for market.

This first editorial stage is important since it allows us to generate an overall ‘feel’ for the content and layout, its ordering and coverage before attempting any changes. We look at the structure, graphics and flow of the text considering the impact and readability to ensure that we are able to localise to the needs of the intended audience.

Secondly, keeping in mind this overall structure, we then pass through the document making any editorial changes identified in style, structure and graphical layout. For text, this is generally in MS WORD Revisions Mode or .pdf (other formats may be acceptable e.g. Google docs, various DTP packages for graphics – please check with us) and then we proofread to make other changes we consider necessary according to:





We take into account sentence structure, word usage, word omissions, repetitions, inconsistencies and ensure that the content is written in an appropriate style and tone for the intended audience.

Document editing

Second pass. 

We carry out an additional edit/proofread with a second, independent editor to check and pick up any further points missed on the first pass to provide a balanced overview.

Desktop publishing. 

We realise that most tourism-related material contains graphics and we can advise on graphical formats and re-structure your copy to give the visual impact necessary to raise the profile of your submission. We work with several desktop publishing and graphics packages – please check with us.


In some cases, misunderstandings may exist in the interpretation of the text due to translation issues or ambiguities in the written English. In cases where we have also translated from the source text we refer back to the translator for qualification of the issues, if not, we embed comments in the text with suggestions for clarification and/or offer alternative pieces of text and revert to the author to assess and choose from.


We would normally deliver to you a WORD Revisions version of your text to meet your indicated timescale, side-lined with changes and commented on as appropriate AND a clean version of the text with changes accepted. Similarly, we can do this other word processing and graphics packages. Should you be unhappy with our work, you should contact us at an early opportunity to discuss the issues and we will re-work the text to your satisfaction.

Why use English Monitor?

At English Monitor, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a professional, timely and cost-effective service. We use university graduate, Western-educated, mother-tongue English editors many with higher degrees. We are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive editorial service but our responsiveness and quality can be assured.

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