Who we are

English Monitor is comprised of a global team of native English language specialists. Our workforce consists of highly trained, expert translators and English editors, each with specific academic, technical and industry backgrounds. Essentially, we are a team of expert English writers, operating in a broad field of specialist academic, technical and commercial writing. Our single goal is to write your English language content and corporate communications to a world class standard.

Why use English Monitor?

The way in which individuals and commercial organisations communicate leaves a lasting impression on people. To create a quality and respectable image, English language content and documentation must be written using the correct English, using the correct terminology, tone, pitch and style.

Businesses & commercial organisations

Business and commercial content, formal and technical documents need to be professionally written to a high standard. The way in which a company communicates to its clients, customers and stakeholders has a direct impact on the company image and reputation. ESL speakers who produce content and documentation to a poor standard of English make the company appear cheap with low levels of quality control. Western companies and customers have little respect for companies that cannot communicate to a professional standard. Why spend money on branding, marketing and corporate image only to ruin your credibility with substandard English content and communications? ‘Companies that spend on branding, advertising and company image should not let themselves down at the last moment with substandard English content and communications’

Students & academics

Likewise, ESL speakers writing academic texts lose credibility by using a poor standard of English. Professional academic texts and papers should read in perfect English. Again, what is the point in investing time and effort in research only to produce substandard, poorly written text that lacks credibility and professionalism? “More than just translation and editing” – we ensure that your English language content and communications are expertly written to the highest possible standards’ 

Why we focus on English only

The English language, like any language, is highly specialised. Native speakers can immediately tell if a piece of text has been written by an ESL (English Second Language) speaker. It is imperative that businesses and individuals wishing to portray a high-quality and professional image ensure that their English language content, texts and documentation are produced to a high standard of English.